Glass Door Fittings

Patch Fittings & Accessories

DT40 | Corner Transom Fitting

DT40/5054K | Corner Transom Strike Box

DL34/K | Patch Lock Strike Box

DL5054/2K | Double Over Panel Strike Box

DL52S | Turn Knob Lock

DL52/K | Turn Knob Lock Strike Box

DL50/K | Center Lock Strike Box

DT60 | Corner Transom Connector

DT71 | Two Way Glass Connector with Fin

DT81 | Four Way Glass Connector with Fin

DT80 | Four Way Glass Connector

DT63W | Wall to Glass Side Connector

DT72 | Door Lock with Handle

DM481 | Wall to Glass Connector

DM582 | Glass to Glass Connector

DM010 | Glass to Glass Door Lock with Strike Box

DM011 | Wall to Glass Door Lock with Latch Plate

PT10 (D) | Point Fix Bottom Fitting

PT20 | Point Fix Top Fitting

PT30 | Point Fix Glass to Glass Fitting

PT40 | Point Fix Corner Transom Fitting