About Us

Company History

Alif Tools & Hardware Trading is a trading enterprise established as an associated company and hardware division of Al Taher Chemicals Trading LLC which is a 125 years old conglomerate of privately held family businesses, specializing in chemicals, metal finishing products for oil field, marine, paint and food industries.

Alif was conceptualized with the aim of providing premium quality glass and industrial hardware, tools and building materials which meets customer requirements and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, price and value.

What the company does

We are stockists, importers and exporters of glass, industrial, engineering, workshop hardware & tools, speciality chemicals, lubricants & oils, paints & aerosols products.


Vision statement

QUALITY ‘You’ feel, VALUE ‘You’ can TRUST

Mission statement

To provide high quality, cost effective products and services; and to operate a financially sustainable business that is flexible and can readily adapt to change and expand to meet increased demands. We aim to create a niche for quality, reliability and customer delight synonymous with our name.

Business strategy

To make a fair profit on current operations to meet our obligations, sustain our growth, and reach our goals, while adhering to the laws of the jurisdiction in which it operates and at all times observing the highest ethical standards; thereby creating long-term value for the customers and the shareholders.

Economic intent
  • Top-Line Growth Continue to grow sales and generate revenue and robust cash flow
  • Bottom-Line Growth Generate healthy profit and create wealth for the shareholders.
Business goals & objectives
  • Growth Continue to grow by leveraging the scalability of our business to be in strategic partnership with premium brands and acquire agencies.
  • Stability Be sufficiently financially scalable and sustainable to contain price movements.
  • Excellence Deliver products and services through robust quality control framework that empowers measurement, analysis, management and continuous improvement.
  • Integrity Adhering to high ethical principles and standards, basing our actions on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason.
  • Respect Valuing the differences in everyone we work with and treating them with dignity and courtesy.
  • Customer Value Understanding our customers’ needs and consistently delivering on our promises.
  • Accountability Having the courage and honesty to accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Innovation Embracing and investing in opportunities by leveraging our knowledge and experience